Antalya Technopark IPI Network

Antalya Technopark Manager and Operator Inc. Individual Participation Investor Network

Antalya Technopark Manager and Operator Inc. started the angel investment network application process in 2022 under the IPC (Individual Participation Capital) legislation published by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and is waiting to complete the accreditation processes.

With pre-incubation and incubation facilities to contribute to developing innovative technologies, especially in the Software, Informatics, Defence Industry, Agriculture, and Food sectors, Antalya Technopark aims to provide an investment environment suitable for technology initiatives from the region and nationally with the establishment of the IPI Network.

Antalya Technopark, which provides office space, training, mentoring, consultancy, and many other services to its startups in Pre-Incubation and Incubation Centers, will regularly bring investors and initiatives together by accepting applications for startups that produce innovative products primarily for the Software, Informatics, Defense Industry, Agriculture and Food sectors in the IPI network. Startups will be provided to represent their business plans, which they have prepared in the investment meetings to be organized systematically, to individuals, corporate investors, and companies. In this context, the decision to invest in startups, the execution and monitoring of the legal process between the investor and the entrepreneur, reporting to investors, and managing exit opportunities will be conducted by the Network.

In addition, Potential investors can make a IPI Angel Investor application through the Antalya Technopark IPI network, established according to the IPC legislation.

What is Individual Participation Investor (IPI)?

It represents real people who transfer their assets and/or experience and wealth to companies in the beginning or growth phase.

What is Individual Participation Investor license?

The document provided to IPIs meets the criteria determined by the Undersecretariat of Treasury and Finance and allows them to benefit from government support. Click here to refer to this document.

Investors with a IPI (Individual Participation Investor) license can deduce 75% or 100% of their investments through an accredited Angel Investor network under the IPC (Individual Participation Capital) regulation issued by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance on February 15, 2013, from personal income tax bases within the same year. For investors to have a IPI license, they must first meet any of the conditions defined as the high-income, wealthy, or experienced investor. It is required that licensed investors meet the criteria set out in the IPC legislation to benefit from tax exemption support and retain their shares in the venture companies they invest in for two full years minimum.

The application for the IPI license can only be made by Angel Investor Networks accredited by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

Click here for IPC Regulation.

Investor Network Activities

  • Systematically conducting venture and investor meetings,
  • To evaluate startups in the Pre- Incubation and Incubation or that apply applications from the region and nationally outside the Technopark within the framework of the investment criteria established by the Network,
  • Making startups ready to make presentations to investors,
  • Obtaining detailed follow-up and analysis of initiatives that are attractive to investors,
  • The execution of legal processes and general assembly administrative processes following investment decisions for startups,
  • The execution of potential investors' IPI license applications, follow-up of the Ministry process and obtaining required approvals,
  • Post-investment monitoring, reporting, and creating exit strategies for startups that receive investment.