Antalya Technopark Support Package from Halkbank to Entrepreneurs

A cooperation protocol was signed between Halkbank and Antalya Teknokent. Within the scope of our cooperation, entrepreneurial companies that are engaged in commercial activities in our Technopark or that do not have any activity or a workplace of their own but wish to establish their own business will be able to benefit from the Halkbank Teknokent Support Package.
In addition to financial support, non-financial support will be provided free of charge in order to support the growth and sustainability of entrepreneurs' businesses.
What are the Details of Halkbank Teknokent Support Package?
While the upper limit of the support package offered to entrepreneurs is 500,000 TL, the following products are also offered in line with the needs of entrepreneurs;
1) Technokent Entrepreneur Loan
Entrepreneurs; In order to meet all the working capital needs they need at the point of advancing their projects, especially R&D expenditures, purchases of goods, services or equipment, personnel salary payments, and Teknokent rent payments, "Halkbank" has a monthly equal installment of 60 months in total, with a 12-month principal grace period. Technokent Entrepreneur Loan” is offered.
2) Paraf Commercial Credit Card
Entrepreneurs will be offered a Paraf Commercial Credit Card with a minimum limit of 5,000 TL, to be used in their commercial activities, provided that they remain within the upper limit.
3) Commercial Overdraft Account-Friendly Account
Entrepreneurs will be offered a Friendly Account with a minimum limit of 5,000 TL, provided that they remain within the upper limit in order to meet their working capital needs.
4) Letter of Guarantee
In line with the needs of the entrepreneurs, a letter of guarantee in TL with a maximum maturity of 1 year, within the upper limit, can be presented.
What are the Other Advantages?
 Technocity rental support
 Exemption for banking products
- No fee will be charged for EFT and money transfer transactions to be carried out by entrepreneurs through the internet & mobile branch for 1 year.
- No membership fee will be charged for commercial credit cards for 1 year.
-1 Checkbook fee will not be charged for 25-leaf checkbook.
-POS fee will not be charged for 6 months for POS usage.
 Free consulting support
 Free training support
 Halkbank SME opportunities and campaigns
For detailed information, you can visit the website of and Halkbank Branches.