Turkey's best managed agency software service: Sejour

With the Sejour B2B Web Operator Reservation Module, you can search for prices on Sejour, record daily sales, print vouchers and invoices instantly, automatically see your sales, follow up their confirmations, collections and payments, thanks to the passwords you give to your Operators.

Operators can also give passwords to their sub-agents within their authority.

With the Sejour B2B Web Module, the agencies can establish a bridge with their operators and ensure that they work only with the rules defined specifically for the operator. Thus, each operator can add their own commission prices on top of the prices given by the agency. You can also add airline and insurance prices.

With the price search engine, prices can be searched according to many different criteria.

According to the search made, the available room and the best price are ranked 1st. A quick reservation record can be entered from the same screen with Sejour B2B. Reservations entered are instantly transferred to Sejour, and reservations from B2B can be easily tracked from the “Web Reservation Tracking” screen in Sejour.