Global Game Jam, the World's Largest Game Development marathon, which took place simultaneously in 44 countries for 3 days at our Antalya Teknokent Entrepreneurship and Incubation Center, has ended. The game developers, working on different themes, made presentations about their games to the other participants on the last day. Dream Harvesters co-founder Mert Solak noted that the GGJ event is not a competition, its purpose is to provide opportunities for those who are interested in the field and to help them reveal their creativity. Noting that they aim to enable the participants to get to know each other and develop a collaborative working spirit, Solak said, "For this reason, the participants do not need to know coding. Individuals from all professions can participate. As a game software team that provides consultancy services to companies abroad, we have been making efforts for the development of this sector in Turkey for 10 years, as well. "Our biggest wish is to show that we can do world-class work with these and similar organizations in Antalya, and to attract interested people to the sector. Turkey should be in a better position in the global game industry. We also invite developers who we can't reach yet, who are interested in the game industry, to our office." We are also planning to organize e-sports events in Antalya in the coming period," he said.