The Heart of Informatics Beat in Antalya Kepez

With the participation of Mustafa Varank, the Chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey's Committee on Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information, and Technology, the opening speech of the 7th Akdeniz Bilişim Zirvesi, held this year, was delivered by Prof. Dr. Özlenen Özkan, the Rector of Akdeniz University. "We are experiencing digital transformation in every sector, from education to health, from communication to energy. Understanding and managing this transformation means leading the future," said Özkan.

The 7th Akdeniz Bilişim Zirvesi, one of the largest informatics summits in the Mediterranean region and Turkey, was organized this year. Mustafa Varank, the Chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey's Committee on Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information, and Technology, Prof. Dr. Özlenen Özkan, the Rector of Akdeniz University, Dr. İbrahim Yavuz, the General Manager of Antalya Technopark, and leading figures in the informatics sector participated as speakers, along with numerous students, at the summit held at the Kepez Mimar Sinan Congress Center.


Mustafa Varank, Chairman of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information, and Technology Committee, stated, “The place of Antalya in our hearts has always been different. After tourism, agriculture, and trade, it is now making a name for itself with developments in investment, industry, science, and technology. Our governments have brought new organized industrial zones, technoparks, R&D, and design centers to our city. Recently, we have also brought the National Combat Aircraft R&D and Design Center and the Antalya Science Center to our city. We have always come together in our city with activities such as BILIMFEST, Science Olympiad Camps, and Sky Observation Events.”


Varank, who stated that they closely follow the activities of Antalya Technopark, said, "Currently, our technopark, which hosts more than two hundred firms, is an important part of the regional R&D ecosystem. It successfully operates in various sectors ranging from defense to software, from tourism to agriculture, from food to health, leading innovative initiatives. In this sense, the Akdeniz Bilişim Zirvesi, which brings us together today, is one of the important events serving our country's information technology goals. By inviting leading and influential entrepreneurs and speakers in the field of information technology every year, bringing together students, academics, managers, and workers, it creates awareness in the field of informatics and provides perspective on the future of the sector. On this occasion, I express my gratitude to all those who contributed, especially to the employees of Antalya Technopark.”


Varank stated, "Our country is a great nation with its young population, developing engineering and innovation capabilities, modern technological infrastructure, and digitizing industry. The goals of such a country are always grand. Of course, if there is a goal, there is also a need for tools to reach that goal. The information technology sector is an important tool, a significant sector playing a key role in achieving our country's goals. Information and communication technologies are a tremendous driving force for our country, humanity, the economy, social transformation, and sustainability. Today, technology makes our lives easier in many areas, from education to healthcare, from daily life to scientific research. It enables new business models, increases competitiveness, enhances entrepreneurial potential, contributes significantly to employment creation, provides solutions to social problems, and facilitates the widespread adoption of environmentally friendly practices that save energy with smart technologies. Our speakers will provide detailed insights on this topic in their presentations. The critical point here is to unleash our country's potential in information technology, support the spirit of entrepreneurship, and guide our youth towards technology. Thankfully, significant strides have been made in our country, especially in the field of information technology in recent years." Varank concluded his presentation by discussing developments and goals over the past 21 years.


Prof. Dr. Özlenen Özkan, Rector of Akdeniz University, stated, "I see a community in front of me with the potential to shape the future with the power of technology and information. It makes me very happy to see our dear young people who are interested in this field here and to see the hall so full. Because in this age of information, our younger generation has a responsibility that is much different from previous generations. Information technology not only affects the business world but also every aspect of society. From education to healthcare, from communication to energy, we are experiencing digital transformation in every sector. Understanding and managing this transformation means leading the future.”


Rector Özkan emphasized that the countries leading in information technology and technology have the final say, stating, "We also have words to say to the world. You should too. Today, our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, declares from the United Nations podium that 'The World is Bigger than 5.' It is necessary for us to be strong in every field to convey our rightful and principled stance to the world more strongly. Information technology and technology are the keys to the future. This statement will find its true meaning through the breakthroughs you will make in the field of information technology and technology.”


Rector Özkan highlighted that for over two months, a human tragedy has unfolded in Palestine in front of the eyes of the whole world, stating, "Israel, with its technological superiority, ruthlessly massacres the oppressed Palestinian people. Yet, technology should be used for humanity, for good. To put an end to these atrocities, we must make significant investments in information technology and technology and elevate our country above the level of contemporary civilizations in every aspect. Today, our state is making significant strides, especially in the defense industry. Together, we must spread these advancements to every aspect of life. The shortest path to achieving this is through science and technology.”

Rector Özkan underscored the significant role of the Summit in this regard, stating, "We want the topics at the forefront of technology in Turkey and the world to be evaluated from an academic perspective within the scope of the Summit, discussed by relevant company representatives and leading figures in the technology sector, and generate ideas that will inspire the future of the information technology world. We see that our Technopark has provided us with this environment very successfully today. Once again, I extend my thanks to everyone involved in organizing this summit, particularly to our Technopark management. I hope this summit will be the starting point for new success stories. Why shouldn't the young people who will lead in technology come out of this summit?”


Antalya Technopark General Manager Dr. İbrahim Yavuz stated, "This year, we are organizing the Akdeniz Bilişim Zirvesi, which we have turned into one of Turkey's largest summits in 7 years, under the theme of 'Technology and Information Century' in memory of the 100th Anniversary of our Republic. With the new projects we have implemented in recent years in space aviation, defense industry, information technology, software, agriculture, tourism, and health sectors in Antalya Technopark, we continue to work with all our might to have a unique position among Turkey's best technoparks with our vision and mission, and we maintain our claim to success in every field.”


Yavuz, stating that Antalya Technopark ranks 7th among 102 technoparks, said, " Antalya Technopark, located on an area of 365,000 square meters, has carried out a total of 968 projects in the region with a 95% occupancy rate and 227 companies as of today, and continues its work with nearly 300 ongoing projects. We have achieved many successful projects in Antalya Technopark. One of these projects is our Technology Valley Project, which is a major international project. Our Technology Valley Project will not only provide significant opportunities for local entrepreneurs but also serve as a center where many global companies will manage their operations." Speaking about the projects carried out in Antalya Technopark, Yavuz said, "At the 7th Akdeniz Bilişim Zirvesi, I would like to express my sincere thanks to our esteemed Antalya Technopark team, as well as to our university Rector, Prof. Dr. Özlenen Özkan, our companies, entrepreneurs, sponsors, supporters, speakers, and everyone involved in the event."


The award for the company employing the most students went to Talya Bilişim, the University-Industry Collaboration Award was presented to TUSAŞ, the award for the highest R&D revenue went to San Bilgisayar, the Best Developing Incubator Company Award was given to Noventech, the Mentoring Award for R&D and Innovation Focus went to Ural Telekom, the award for the company developing the most products and services was awarded to Kod Yazılım, the Innovative Technology Development Award in Healthcare was presented to Babylife, the Innovative Technology Development Award in Food and Agriculture went to Meykon, and the Highest Revenue Generating Incubator Company Award was given to Tork Yazılım. Following the speeches at the event, plaques and awards were presented to the supporters of the summit.