Caretta Pre-Incubation Creative and Innovative Idea Development Program

Caretta Pre-Incubation

Creative and Innovative Idea Development Program


Acceleration Program Call

The IdeaCARE Acceleration Program is aimed entrepreneur candidates who have business ideas at the beginning stage, who have not yet established their Startup or Spin-Off, will benefit from basic applied training and mentoring services that will contribute to the development of innovative and creative business ideas following the priorities and strategies of the country.

Scope of the Program: Entrepreneur candidates who graduated from the IdeaCARE Acceleration program can transfer to the Sustainable Business Model Development Acceleration Program SustainCARE, and Commercialization Acceleration Program BusinessCARE Programs stated in the flow of the program; Antalya Technopark will be able to benefit from Caretta Pre-Incubation facilities free of charge.

Application Conditions:

  • Being a student or graduating from associate degree, master, and doctoral programs of formal education universities,
  • Not owning or partnering with the company

Note: 40 entrepreneurial candidates will be accepted into the program.

Application Areas:

  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Cities
  • Communication and Digital Transformation
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition
  • Health Good Life
  • Clean Energy Technologies
  • Green Growth

Applications will be accepted for the development of innovative business ideas from their fields.

Caretta Pre-Incubation Ideacare Acceleration Program

Call Calendar

Application deadline December 20, 2022
Application Pre-Evaluation 15 – 22 December 2023
Training Calendar December-January-February
Demo Day February 15, 2023

Opportunities offered to entrepreneur candidates who successfully complete the Acceleration Program as the following;

  • Being the entrepreneur of Antalya Technopark Caretta Pre-Incubation, they can benefit from the opportunities offered free of charge after the program.
  • Antalya Technopark Caretta Pre-Incubation will be deemed to have been accepted to the "Sustainable Business Model Development (SustainCARE)" Acceleration Program.
  • By continuing to take part in other acceleration programs of Caretta Pre-Incubation, they will be able to benefit from R&D support, incorporation, and services related to patent application processes.
  • They will have innovative business ideas that can apply for TÜBİTAK BIGG and KOSGEB Advanced Entrepreneurship Supports.
  • They will be accepted to the BIGG AKDENİZ Program Acceleration, assuming it has passed the technical verification phase on condition that it meets the TÜBİTAK BIGG Application Conditions.
  • It can be directed to the business idea competitions and acceleration programs of the institutions with which we have developed strategic cooperation.

Opportunities Offered to Caretta Pre-Incubation Entrepreneurs

Caretta Pre-Incubation Working Environment:

The ventures/initiative groups that will take place in the Caretta Pre-Incubation have all the opportunities that our pre-incubation area has. They benefit from common and individual study areas, meeting and training rooms without considering costs such as electricity, internet, water and kitchen.

Entrepreneurship Trainings:

Caretta Pre-incubation acceleration programs have been designed based on the needs of entrepreneurs/enterprise groups. These Programs consist of the introduction of services such as customized training, mentoring, building a business network, and writing a business plan consultancy, based on existing experience and international successful stories, namely, “Creative and innovative Business Idea Development (IdeaCARE)”, “Sustainable Business Model Development (SustainCARE)”, and Commercialization “BusinessCARE”

IdeaCARE: Basic practical trainings will be organized for techno-entrepreneur candidates (academic and non-academic) who have expertise in different disciplines to develop creative and innovative business ideas. Methods such as "Ideation", "Creative Thinking", "FMEA" and "Design Thinking", which are accepted all over the world, will be used at the trainings. In addition, the participants of the program will be given conceptual training on digital technologies and the basic capabilities of software, and each participant will be asked to develop ideas in line with these capabilities.

SustainCARE: Sustainable Business Model Development “SustainCARE” by selecting those with high originality and export potential among CARETTA Pre-Incubation entrepreneurs will be included in the program. Considering the acceptance that the most significant parameter that determines the sustainability of a business model corresponds to market demands and the impact of exports on the profitability of businesses, in addition to basic entrepreneurship concepts and the lean entrepreneurship methodology, entrepreneurs will be matched to the number of national/international prospect types to be determined by their industry and technologies. Three separate mentoring mechanisms will be operated for creating a business model, identifying technical/technological challenges and developing solutions, and writing a business plan, respectively.

BusinessCARE: Techno-entrepreneurs who have a business plan or prototype or have received investment for a business idea are made ready for the market in technical, administrative and organizational terms. The economic value of the product will be determined by making in-depth analysis of the market, target audience, technology, competitor and patent for the products developed / developed by the participants included in the program, and it will be ensured that the entrepreneurs make interviews with domestic and foreign investors in line with this information set. In addition, during the negotiations with the investor, consultancy will be provided for the procurement of professional academic and non-academic expertise for the manufacture of prototypes that have a significant impact. These service purchases can be listed as follows;

  • Design
  • Test-analysis
  • Engineering calculations
  • Contract manufacturing

Prototyping Laboratories:

Entrepreneur/Entrepreneur groups accepted to Caretta Pre-Incubation were provided free use of the Antalya Technopark Incubation Center Prototyping Workshop in order to meet their basic engineering equipment and technical needs in order to support the process of realizing their ideas or projects.

Patent and Incorporation:

One-to-one guidance service support is provided in patent applications and company establishment phase of startups/entrepreneur groups that are accepted to Caretta Pre-Incubation and improve in acceleration programs.

Mentoring Services:

Caretta Pre-Incubation is a service that allows the knowledge and skills of startups/startup groups to integrate into the market in line with the business ideas they want to implement, and to benefit from the experience and experience of their mentor on the road to success, consisting of experts who will come together in fields that require academic expertise when necessary.

Referral to Public and EU Funds:

Entrepreneurs who successfully complete the Caretta Pre-Incubation IdeaCARE Program are directed to the appropriate public (TÜBİTAK, KOSGEB, Development Agencies, etc.) and EU funds simultaneously and support for the preparation of their application for the needs of the entrepreneurs who continue the SustainCARE and BusinessCARE Programs.

Network - Demo Day:

Caretta Pre-Incubation, with more than 100 collaborations developed by the umbrella organization Antalya Technopark in the region, national and international arena since its establishment, enables entrepreneurs to improve their business ideas, benefit from market opportunities, create competitive advantage, and provide sales-oriented Demo Day in which corporate companies will be involved. 's are organized. Entrepreneurs are enabled to come together with sector-based companies and make negotiations about sales through Demo Days.

Investor Meetings:

Caretta Pre-Incubation brings together Turkey's leading investors on the Caretta Investment Platform in line with the investment needs of entrepreneurs who have completed the prototyping phase and overcome the barriers to entry to the market. Apart from investing in caretta pre-incubation initiatives, these meetings enable him to expand his network and benefit from mentorships on Market and Business development.

PR Supports:

Caretta Pre-Incubation Entrepreneurs interviews, information designs and news about promotional activities in printed and digital media are published by Antalya Technopark TTO corporate communication team and agencies with which it has strategic cooperation, by providing professional service.

Training Program will be shared soon.