Sustaincare Sustainable Business Model Development Acceleration Program

Name of the Program: SustainCARE Sustainable Business Model Development Acceleration Program

For entrepreneurs, sustainability is the most vulnerable aspect of a business model. In this context, considering the acceptance that the most significant parameter that determines the sustainability of a business model corresponds to market demands and the impact of exports on the profitability of businesses, in addition to basic entrepreneurship concepts and the lean entrepreneurship methodology, entrepreneurs will be matched to the number of national/international prospect types to be determined by their industry and technologies. Three separate mentoring mechanisms will be operated for creating a business model, identifying technical/technological challenges and developing solutions, and writing a business plan, respectively. Such entrepreneurs' business models will be validated by both three eyes and benefited from mentor services based on their expertise.

* Entrepreneurship Training and Mentoring Services Customized According to the needs of the Entrepreneurship

* Current Business Model Evaluation and New Business Model Development

* Identification and Development of R&D Innovation Capacity for Company Owners

* Determining and Developing SME Maturity Levels for Those Who Are a Company

* Referral to Public/Private Sector Support Mechanisms

* Mentor - Investor Matching

* Demoday Participation

Application Conditions;

* Having a business idea/prototype for natural person entrepreneurs at the initial stage,

* For natural person entrepreneurs, to have an associate degree, undergraduate, master, doctorate student or graduation certificate,

* To have established the company within the last one year for the entrepreneurs who own the company,

* Having a techno-enterprise business idea/prototype/product that addresses the priority areas specified in the application form,

Deadline: 30.12.2022