Application Process


  1. Registration to the Technopark Portal

Entrepreneur/entrepreneur companies that will be in the region for the first time register their users on the Antalya Technopark Portal to submit their R&D or Design Project applications to be in the region.

After the user is registered, the system automatically sends the activation email to the registered email address. (The activation mail may have been spam for some email extensions due to the firewall.)

  1. Filling the Entrepreneur/Company Application Form

Once the user has activated the registration, the system is logged in with the password set up during registration. Once logged in, a screen will appear about the actions that the user can perform in front of them. The application process will begin if you click for a company/incubator application and click on the option “make a new company/incubator application.” You can find detailed information about the application in the attached application guide.

  1. Application Fee and Account Information

The incubation application fee is 3000 TL + VAT.

The current company application fee is 4000 TL + VAT.

The first company fee is 7000 TL + VAT.

The project completion certificate application fee is 2000 TL + VAT.

  • You can make your payments to our bank accounts below.

Antalya Teknokent Yönetici ve İşletici A.Ş.


IBAN:TR57 0001 2001 2700 0010 1001 23

  1. Submitting the Application Form to the Managing Company

The application report is printed in 2 copies; each page is initialed, General Information (2nd page) is stamped, and it is delivered to the Management office with the additional files uploaded and the attached application petition. Applications will be taken into the process as of the date they are hand-delivered.