Rents prices are listed below as per the decision of the Board of Directors of Antalya Technopark Manager and Operator Inc. dated 02.01.2024 and numbered 2024/01.

R & D Building m²(Price per Square meter)
R & D 1 Building 370,00 TL+VAT / m²
R & D 2 Uluğbey Building 390,00 TL+VAT / m²
R & D 3 Building 330,00 TL+VAT / m²
R & D 5 Building 3F/4-TAI 126,40 TL+VAT / m²

* Operating expenses for R&D 1, R&D 2 and R&D 3 Buildings are included.

For the year 2024, it was decided unanimously by the participants of the meeting that the entrepreneurs in the incubation of the West Mediterranean Technopark Technology Development Zone will be charged 1800 TL + VAT per month, 680 TL + VAT per month from the academicians, and no fee will be charged from the entrepreneurs and students under the age of 30.