Aims and Goals

To make the country's industry competitive internationally and capable of exporting in high volumes by establishing cooperation between R&D institutions and production sectors;

  • To make the region a technology center open to international competition,
  • To support technology-intensive production and entrepreneurship,
  • To enhance quality and productivity by developing innovations in products and production methods,
  • To support and lead the commercialization and productization of innovative ideas,
  • To create investment opportunities in technology-intensive areas,
  • To coordinate the people and organizations carrying out social, economic, and technological activities within the region to create synergy,
  • To include entrepreneurship with innovative and creative projects in the incubation center and to support them,
  • To provide the technological infrastructure that will accelerate the entry of foreign capital to our country, which will provide high/advanced technology and encourage the establishment and development of this technology,
  • To promote the employment of R & D and software personnel.

Our Target Groups

- National and Global Entrepreneurs

- National and Global Investors

- Public Institutions

- Non-Governmental Organizations

- Business Angels

- University Academics

- Associate, Undergraduate, and Graduate Students