It is an exceptional, fast, and effective support for SMEs initiated by the European Commission and Eurostars member countries to increase the competitiveness of SMEs in Europe. Eurostars aims to support the projects of SMEs carrying out R&D-oriented activities, regardless of any technology field or sector.

Who can apply?

The European Union can launch Eurostars as the leading partner (project coordinator) for businesses that meet the SME definition. However, businesses and large companies that do not meet this definition can participate in Eurostars projects as partners, if necessary, by taking universities or research institutions with them. In other words, universities and research institutions can only join in Eurostars projects as service providers of Turkish companies.

SMEs that will be the leading partner (project coordinator) in the Eurostars project must have at least 10% of their personnel working in R&D activities or allocate at least 10% of their turnover to R&D activities. These types of SMEs are called R&D Intensive SMEs. This condition does not apply to SMEs and large companies with no project coordinator.

What are the required features of the EUROSTARS Project?

  • The project's leading partner must be an SME from a Eurostars member country.
  • The project's leading partner must meet the European Union SME and the R&D Intensive SME definitions.
  • At least 50% of the project activities and budget must be carried out by the R&D Intensive SMEs involved in the project.
  • The project must be completed within 3 years maximum.
  • The targeted product or process must be brought to the market within 2 years at the latest after the project is completed.

What is the difference between the EUROSTARS and EUREKA Programme?

  • The EUROSTARS Program is not always open to project applications. Generally, the call is made twice a year, and the projects must be submitted online to the EUROSTARS office before the deadline.
  • Applications for the EUROSTARS Program are made directly to the EUREKA office in Brussels. To apply for a project and access the application form, one must register at An international panel will evaluate EUROSTARS applications. Companies applying to the EUROSTARS program will not undergo the TUBITAK technical evaluation process.

How to support EUROSTARS Projects?

EUROSTARS projects are supported under the “1509 – International Industrial R&D Projects Support Program”. Grant support is provided at the rate of 60% for the projects of large-scale companies participating in EUROSTARS projects and at the rate of 75% for SMEs.

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