Bosfor Information Technologies Consulting and Trade Co. Ltd.

Our company, established in 2007 with its experience and knowledge in the sector, serves as Logo Software Corporate Business Partner and Logo Software Solution Partner. In addition to the sales, installation, and support of Logo products, we develop sector-based products and produce solutions for you which are affiliated with or completely independent of Logo.
Knowing the expectations of the enterprises and responding to these expectations with the most appropriate solutions, Bosfor Bilişim adds new ones to its successes in its region every year. For the last 3 years, we have been awarded as the 1st in the Mediterranean Region by Logo.
We offer the solutions you need with our expert team in each field. We develop Desktop, Web, and Mobile applications. We prepare software that works with the logo or is completely special for you.
Bosfor, which many major organizations serve today, continues its activities rapidly.

Phone Number: (0242) 244 09 09