MobiRoller Software Co. Ltd.

MobiRoller is a self-service mobile app platform that enables anyone to create apps without coding and make money with them. All the apps are native and compatible with Android and iOS.
Since its establishment, MobiRoller has rapidly increased the number of users thanks to its cost-effectiveness, practical solutions, and friendly customer service. Currently, there are approximately 160.000 users and 120.000 apps on the app-making platform, ranking 1st in the Turkish market.
With its dynamic and innovative structure and a working environment that supports collaboration and creativity, MobiRoller provides employees and users with a friendly, reliable, and innovative working experience.
In addition to the R&D office in Antalya Technopark, MobiRoller has Sales and Business Development offices in Istanbul and aims to continue the success it has achieved in the Turkish market by expanding abroad and in the world market.

Phone Number: 0 (850) 303 49 09


Antalya Technopark Uluğbey Building No: 3A/106
Hürriyet Street, Konyaaltı/Antalya