DT Communication Services Inc.

DT Informatics Group stepped into the sector with its after-sales services in 2004. It is a young and dynamic organization that started its activities in the telecommunication sector in 2006, software and informatics in 2008, food in 2010, and the communication sector in 2012. DT Informatics Group, which started operating throughout the country as an Istanbul-based, also operates in Poland and Central European countries.
As a group with qualified experts, solution partners throughout Turkey, and solution partners in the countries in which it operates: It develops software specifically for the IT sector; provides IT consultancy; offers complete solutions, including sales, service, installation, and maintenance. While offering these solutions, it provides added value to its customers, considering it a business partner, by using professional business development and project methods.
DT Informatics Group in all its activities;

  • Engineering standards
  • Dynamic and easily adaptable to changes
  • Customer and Quality Oriented
  • Having a good understanding of the customer's needs and meeting these requirements in the best possible way
  • Revenue-boosting
  • Easy to Integrate into Hardware and Software (plug-compatible)
  • Compatible with new technologies and forward-looking (compatible)
  • Easy to use (user-friendly)
  • Facilitating decision-making in Management Processes
  • Compliant with Legislation and Follow-up
  • Raising the living standards of the service recipient and the provider

Carries out studies and continues its services to meet these requirements.

Phone Number: 0850 333 3375


Hürriyet Street No: 205, 07050 Konyaaltı/Antalya