Ant-Bim Computer Services Co. Ltd.

Our company Asyasoft Software has been serving in the field of tourism and hotel management since 1996, with its Antalya head office and its R&D office in Akdeniz University Antalya Technopark. We produce hotel automation software for chain and individual facilities suitable for the city hotel and resort management in the tourism sector. We work with over 200 facilities. When you review our references, many chain and individual hotels use Front Office, Purchasing, Stock, Cost, Accounting, POS, Timeshare-Timeshare Holiday management, Kiosk survey, and Kiosk Ala Carte Restaurant Reservation software, Operation Tracking Systems, Online Booking, Call Center, CRM and Personal solutions in an integrated way.
Asyasoft Information Management System helps your hotel business progress quickly and maximize guest satisfaction. Our software greatly supports your operations and management to ensure accurate management of operations and end-to-end communication. With powerful reporting tools and features, our systems ensure you to get the healthiest results in front office management, stock management, and cost analysis. It offers all the modules you may need for your information management. Our software produces solutions from a single point without requiring 3rd party software and provides 24/7 service to the tourism sector with its expert staff.

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