Athena Computer is a software company established in 1997 to develop software and solutions for the tourism industry. Since its launch, it has drawn a portfolio of companies advancing with slow and confident steps in the sector. Announcing its name in the sector, its primary goal in corporate identity and promotional activities has been the focus of customer satisfaction. It has become an alternative to the sector in the field of software by developing a new software product against the software that is insufficient but has to be used because it has no alternatives in tourism enterprises. It has brought a new breath and perspective to tourism by acting on the principle "Our customers' problem is our problem." With a 24/7 uninterrupted service, it has responded to the problems immediately. With this product and service quality, a good game and corporate identity structure have been created in the sector. While producing tourism solutions, the city of Antalya, called the heart of tourism, was chosen as the center. In this way, the sector's problems were followed closely, and R&D studies were carried out to increase the service quality of the sector and new products to eliminate these problems.

Phone Number: 0242 226 06 50


Hürriyet Street Antalya Technopark R&D 1 Building 1st Floor 6th Room