Artın Information Technologies and Software Services Trade Co. Ltd.

Art-In Systems has been producing special IT solutions since 2007 to meet the IT needs of any large-small companies, particularly in the Mediterranean Region. It has overgrown its product and service network and has become an IT company doing business throughout Turkey. It has obtained its name from the Artificial Intelligence algorithms it has used and will use in software applications it has developed. This makes the applications that have been developed fast, easy to use, easy to adapt, and reliable. Based on this, it sets its philosophy open to every innovation, always learning and developing rapidly, doing everything it does for the customer's benefit, and producing the right solutions.

Phone Number: 0242 317 14 04


Akdeniz University Antalya Technopark, Hürriyet Street R&D 1 Building 2nd Floor 4th Room Konyaaltı/Antalya