Reşat Mendi Hotel Management Systems Computer Systems Trade Inc.

It was established in 1989 to set up the information systems needed by our national tourism sector and to address the program needs in this regard. Since its establishment, it has developed and put into service RMOS FOR WINDOWS FULL HOTEL AUTOMATION, ORDER TAKER AND OPERATION, TIMESHARE- TIMESHARE HOLIDAY programs, POS SYSTEM, and 12 different software in total. RMOS R&D group, which believes that information grows as it is shared, has benefited from the knowledge of experts and organizations while writing all its programs. It has also transferred its knowledge to the businesses it worked with. All the programs prepared are designed to be technological, functional, and understandable. RMOS hotel system automation and all RMOS systems are systems with the integrated operation of all units. This feature makes it more economical and functional than any other existing (including imported) program. With the awareness of working in the service sector, RMOS Computer has managed to reduce the post-installation support to the shortest time by opening branch offices in busy business centers to provide fast and uninterrupted service support. It has established around 450 tourism businesses across our country and is still providing service support for these businesses.

Phone Number: 0 (242) 227 87 31 - 0 (242) 227 77 08


Akdeniz University Antalya Technopark R&D 1 Building