1007- Public Institutions Research and Development Projects DP


To support projects to meet public institutions' needs that can be met with R&D or solving their problems.

KAMAG -Public Research Support Group

SAVTAG -Defense and Security Technologies Research Support Group

Innovations Made in the Scope of the Program Revision

Switching to the on-call system for project applications,

Project managers and executive organizations can apply for calls directly to TUBITAK,

3 different project approaches (Prototype/System/Pilot Facility Project, Model/Method/Process Project, Technology Saving Project)

Two-stage project application,

Feasibility, proof of concept, field research, and analysis studies for the correct determination of needs and availability,

Focus group studies for needs,

The active participation of PC in the project evaluation processes,

A new approach to ensure the continuity of project results,

R&D qualified service procurement at the rate of 5% of the total budget,

Improvements in private sector participation conditions to encourage widespread participation.

Who Can Apply?

Project applications can be made by universities, public R&D units, private organizations, or consortia formed by them. An organization that will participate in the project as the Project Manager Organization (PMO) or Project Executive Organization (PEO) must be responsible for at least one business package with R&D qualification.

Affiliated/related public R&D units of the customer institution can be among the PEOs, provided that they cooperate with the R&D units of other public institutions, universities, or private institutions.

Projects can include personnel from up to 4 different organizations, including PEOs. The organization classification determined by TUBITAK for the 1007 Program is a basis for determining which institutions will be PMO/PEO in the projects. This is stated in the call document.

Project Duration

The project's duration is 48 months maximum.

Project Budgets

Results-oriented projects for the application are supported. The call determines the upper support limit. Projects to be supported within the scope of the 1007-Program may have 3 different qualities according to their outputs:

a. Prototype/System/Pilot Facility project

b. Model/Method/Process project

c. Technology Saving project

What qualification of the CB requirement is included in the project group, and the project budget upper limits can be specified in the Call Document. Project budget upper limits can be increased by the decision of the Group Executive Board (GEB) if deemed necessary during the budget evaluation phase.

Project Incentive Bonuses (PIB)

• The total amount of scholarship supported per month is a maximum of 3.000 TL

• Maximum of 2.500 TL per month to the project manager

• Maximum of 3.000 TL per month to the project administrator

• Maximum of 1.500 TL per month for the researcher

• Maximum of 1.600 TL per year to the advisor

Supported Expenses

1) Tools, equipment, software, and broadcast purchase expenses,

2) Material and consumables purchase expenses,

3) Consultancy and service procurement expenses,

4) Maintenance and repair expenses of the devices used under the project,

5) Domestic and international travel expenses,

6) Postage and shipping expenses,

7) Project team expenses,

8) Other expenses accepted with the project support contract,

9) Other expenses directly related to the project.

In addition, corporate share can be added to the project budget as specified in the principles in return for benefiting from the PMO/PEO facilities during the project execution and finalization phase.

Application Dates

Project applications are received through a call system. It is given up-to-date according to the periods.

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