1501- TUBITAK Industry R&D Projects Support Program


It supports institutions' R&D and innovative projects that create added value in Turkey to contribute to universal technology by providing corporate R&D capability to our country's industry.

Who Can Apply?

Regardless of the sector and size, all capital companies residing in Turkey that create added value at the firm level can apply.

Project Duration

The project support period is a maximum of 36 months on the project.

Project budget

  • There are no restrictions in the project budget.
  • The periodical support rate of the projects consists of the sum of the basic support rate and the additional support rates. Regardless of the sector and scale of the applicant organizations, the basic support rate is forty percent (40%). The total support rate is up to sixty percent (60%), with the basic support rate and other additional supports.

Supported Expenses Items:

a) Personnel expenses,

b) Within the scope of the travel expenses of the project personnel within the scope of the project; Intercity and international economy class transportation expenses by plane, train, bus, and ship.

c) Tools, equipment, software, and broadcast purchase expenses,

d) Material and consumable expenses,

e) Domestic and international consultancy service and other service purchase expenses,

f) R&D service expenses incurred by universities in Turkey, R&D units affiliated to TUBITAK, private sector R&D institutions, and similar R&D institutions and organizations.

Application Dates

Applications are open every day of the year.

For detailed information about the program, click here.