1505- TUBITAK University-Industry Cooperation Support Program


It contributes to the commercialization of knowledge and technology in universities/public research centers and institutes by transforming them into products or processes and transferring them to the industry in line with the needs of SMEs or large-scale organizations.

Who Can Apply?

Regardless of the industry;

  • Creating added value at the company level,
  • The capital companies residing in Turkey and undertaking to implement the project results in Turkey and higher education institutions within the scope of the Higher Education Law,
  • Foundation universities, training and research hospitals, and public research centers and institutes assigned to R&D in the relevant legislation apply for joint projects.

Project Duration

The project support period is a maximum of 24 months on the project.

Project budget

  • The upper limit of the project budget is 1,000,000 TL.
  • In addition, 5% of the project budget is included in the Project Incentive Bonus, and TUBITAK pays support.
  • The budget rate to be met by TÜBİTAK is 75% of the project budget if the client organization is SME and 60% if it is large-scale. The Customer Organization will cover the remaining amount.
  • The amounts to be transferred to the particular project account to be opened by the Customer Organization and the Manager Institution of TUBITAK will be made in installments in proportion to the project expenses in 6-month periods defined as starting from the project start date.
  • The Manager Institution will be able to receive services from the Customer Organization, provided that it does not exceed 10% of the periodic budget. In this context, the project manager's expenses for the customer organization can also be supported. Thus, a part of the customer organization's contribution share to the project will be repaid to the customer organization in exchange for service procurement.
  • Project Incentive Bonus will be paid to the researchers in the project team after the technical evaluation of the 6 months.

Items of Supported Expenses:

a) Personnel expenses,

b) Travel expenses,

c) Tools, equipment, software, and broadcast purchase expenses,

ç) Consultancy service and other service purchase expenses,

d) Material and consumable expenses.

Application Dates

Applications are open every day of the year.

For detailed information about the program, click here.