Masgen Medikal Ar-Ge Tarım Dan. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Established in 2014, MASGEN Arge focuses on DNA based improvements and
innovations for researchers in plant breeding industry as well as scientists
engaged in applied biology. In doing so, MASGEN explores all areas of genetics,
breeding, molecular biology and bioinformatics to develop fast, reliable and
economic solutions for all relavent biological problems.
Areas of research include, but not limited to;
“Ready-to-use and automation-friendly MAS marker development”,
“Marker assisted backcross breeding (MAB) thru genome reduced NGS
“Assay development for purity and hybrid testing”,
“Genome dissection and comparison for calculated hybrid performance
“Gene mapping for spesific traits of interest”,
“Bioinformatics and NGS data implementation for variety protection and
target checking before and after CRISPR application”.

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